DIY: Jack Skellington Halloween Lights

This Halloween, you can light up your room with your own Jack Skellington Halloween Lights. Quite easy, but most of all, really fun to make yourself!

Gather the supplies

You’ll need a Stanley knife, a pair of scissors, a black marker and of course some fairy lights and a bunch of plain white ping pong balls.

I found it quite handy too get tiny fairy lights on a string that bends really easily.



In the next step, you make a little hole in the balls. Be very careful, we don’t want your hands to turn into Sandy claws. Use the Stanley knife to get through, then make the hole slightly bigger with the pair of scissors – but not too big, so the little light doesn’t fall out.

IMG_4251 IMG_4253 IMG_4256

Not so faceless anymore

Now, it’s time to Jack Skellington-ify your faceless ping pong balls. Look up some typical Jack expressions and try to recreate them on the balls as good as you can, using the black marker.


The final touch

Get your string of lights and put the lights in the little holes in the balls, leaving some sort of even space between each Jack head. Then it’s time to find a good place for your creation and, if you like, add some more Halloween decoration to create a spooky place.


If you’d like to watch my DIY video, you can do so over here on my YouTube channel:


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