Will Cassandra come between Rapunzel and Eugene?

Did you guys check out Tangled: Before Ever After yet? It’s the awesome TV series that takes place between the ending of the movie Tangled and the short film Tangled Ever After, where we see Rapunzel and Eugene getting married.

I’m a big fan of this series: it’s witty and once you’ve gotten used to how the animation looks, it’s pretty to look at as well (did you notice how the clouds in the sky look just like Rapunzel’s long, wavy hair?). I think it’s also great to see how their lifes go on, after the fairy tale has been told. And it features a catchy opening song as well, yay!

So these episodes on the Disney Channel are all about Rapunzel’s life after the eighteen years she was captured in Mother Gothel’s tower. In the 55 minutes long pilot, we see King Frederic, Rapunzel’s father, throwing all kinds of responsibilities her way. A strict schedule has been created for Rapunzel, who has only just had the chance to enjoy some freedom. Of course this schedule is something that she doesn’t like at all and supported by her mother, Queen Arianna, she still tries to be her enthousiastic, adventurous and creative self.

Rapunzel and Eugene’s relationship gets pushed into the background a little bit, something that’s partially Rapunzel’s fault, after she gently rejects Eugene’s marriage proposal.

Let’s be real here: Rapunzel has been out of her tower for maybe a couple of days, she has the entire world to explore and Eugene is ready to put a ring on it and lay low in the castle of Corona. Doesn’t really sound so great. Of course, we’re still talking about the girl who fell in love with the very first guy she saw. Within one day. But I can imagine she would want to broaden her horizon a bit first, before officially settling down.

And then, there’s this other problem: Cassandra. She’s Rapunzel’s fiery assistant, who quickly becomes her best friend. Very quickly, even in Rapunzel terms. The morning after they went sneaking out of the castle together, Cassandra already tricks Rapunzel into keeping a big secret from Eugene. Cassandra gets into Rapunzel’s head and pushes Eugene further away from her.

When we see Cassandra and Eugene together, their conversations are always full of heated and endless bickering. The first interaction we see between them, is when Cassandra pushes him into the water and he yells how the water is “Dark. And icy. Just like you.”

Oh you want her, Eugene Fitzherbert!

In the next episodes, they continue arguing and to me, it’s just on another level than any conversation he has with Rapunzel. It just seems so… passionate.

After Rapunzel asks him to be patient with her, I’m ever so sure he will not be able to. I can perfectly see how this could all go wrong if this weren’t a Disney animation, but a soap opera on my local commercial TV channel.

It would be a surprising plot twist if there actually was something between them (ship name: Cassene. Eugandra?) and Eugene would act on it. How I see it, Cassandra would totally seduce him to prove a point to Rapunzel, to then declare she doesn’t care for relationships – or men.

We don’t know what the next episodes will bring, all we know is that Tangled: Before Ever After will eventually connect to Tangled Ever After, where we see Rapunzel and Eugene, eager to marry each other. But since that short movie is mostly focussing on sidekicks Maximus and Pascal, we have no idea what’s really going on in the castle of Corona.

Still, Eugene and Rapunzel are my favourite human Disney couple (based on the movie, because their series version is so vanilla) and I would love it if these fictional characters would stay together forever. I mean, this cute little fella selling merch in the streets of Corona on their wedding day, is practically me:

But I would like it if they gave the love story a bit more depth, instead of going with the convenient reveal of Cassandra being Eugene’s sister.

Didn’t Eugene have a thing for dark-haired women anyway?


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