Back To School DIY: The Collage Notebook

Know that feeling when you go shopping for new school supplies and the only Disney designs you can choose from have those two pushy sisters and their weird talking snowman?

Time to get creative and make your own unique notebooks, with even a touch of vintage if you’d like.

Go browse through your book shelves and perhaps, you’ll find some old Disney storybook you’re not attached to anymore. It’s even better if it kind of smells like 1998 when you open it up. The most important thing is that it has a fair amount of pictures in it. So Disney comic books are great as well.

We’re going to use the most fun pictures to put together a collage we’re then going to glue on the cover of a plain notebook. Don’t want to rip your own Disney book apart? You’ll find a perfect copy on a second hand market. It’s called upcycling!

Use some glue that isn’t sticky and is clear when it’s dry, so you can paint as many layers as you like, without ruining your design. For a sticky DIY like this, I recommend some cheap, basic quality brushes.

What’s so great about this project, is that you can take this as far as you want to: you can get super creative with your composition, make it funny, combine arms and legs of different characters… Or you can focus on just one character! I decided to go for an all round Aladdin theme for my new diary.

What really helped me putting everything together, was using washi tape: easy to remove, so you can try stuff out without making any final decisions. Before I started glueing all the pictures on the notebook, it looked something like this:

If you think you’ll mess up the right order of the layers, taking a picture of the washi taped draft version can be very helpful.

The final result may take a few days to dry completely and lose its stickiness.

Unless you happen to have a genie specialised in stationery, you ain’t never had a notebook like this!


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